Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Big Lakes County is not denying or confirming it may be closing the Enilda Fire Department.

In a letter to the editor in South Peace News April 14, Eric Corbiere made the assertion council is “talking about” closing the department.

South Peace News asked administration about the rumour and they did not deny it.

Council talked about the matter at a workshop March 25-26, says Brett Hawken, director of protective services.

The public and press were banned from the workshop.

South Peace News has learned the possible closure of the Enilda department is included in a report prepared by Kirsten Coutts, consultant, Sea Hawk Services.

Hawken says the report will be available to the public at council’s April 28 meeting.

“Before making the report public, council wanted to discuss the report as a council with administration,” Hawken says.

“Then council wanted the report to be presented to the Big Lakes County Fire Services and the five districts in Enilda, Grouard, Joussard, Faust and Kinuso,” he adds.

Out of respect for the process, Enilda Councillor Donald Bissell declined comment on the possible closure.

However, he did say the report cited that Big Lakes County Fire Services would lose 20 per cent of its firefighters if Enilda closed.

Bissell added Kinuso may also close.

Kinuso Councillor Ken Killen says closures are not his understanding, adding Kinuso is one of the busiest departments.

As for Enilda, Killeen says it’s “possible” but adds that is only one of many options in the report. He adds many different options are presented in the report.

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