Wheatland County Municipal Planning Commission approved four subdivision applications during the Dec. 12 meeting, following presentations to the committee by administration. 

SD2023-022 was to create an 18.01 hectare parcel with a 42.47 hectare remainder located 3.25 kilometers south of the Hamlet of Nightingale, immediately south of Township Road 252, and immediately east of Range Road 245. 

The plot was to be classified as Agricultural General District to facilitate continued residential and agricultural uses. Administration described this sector as an appropriate use case for a parcel of this size and intended use. 

Lot 1 is developed with a farmstead, including a dwelling and pasture land. Lot 2 is undeveloped and used for agricultural purposes with no development or change of use proposed.

Administration recommended to the Municipal Planning Commission the subdivision application be approved, subject to several conditions, including that the subdivision be affected by a Plan of Survey, pursuant to Section 657 of the Municipal Government Act.

SD2023-026 suggested to adjust the boundaries between two parcels of land, resulting in one 33.32 hectare parcel and one 54.42 hectare parcel. The application was for 1.20 hectares to be transferred from one lot to the other.

The purpose being to create legal and physical access to the smaller lot in order to facilitate continued agricultural use of the land, as well as to allow for further uses.

Both plots are designated under Agriculture General District and are undeveloped. The lands are located nine kilometers south of the Town of Strathmore, northwest of the Township Road 230 and Range Road 251 intersection.

No development or change of use for either plot is proposed, and both are undeveloped for the purposes of agricultural uses.

SD2023-023 proposed to create a 2.08 hectare parcel with a 54.70 hectare remainder, with the lands being designated Agriculture General District.

The proposed Lot 1 is developed with a dwelling, two grain bins and several agriculture accessory buildings. Lot 2 is utilized for agricultural production and is not developed. 

Lands immediately west of Lot 2 form part of a larger spillway right-of-way belonging to the Western Irrigation District. The right-of-way extends into the southwest quarter, bordering Lot 2.

It was recommended that the application be approved, subject to conditions compliant with the municipal government act.

SD2023-025 was an application proposing to create a 2.06 hectare parcel with a 62.64 hectare remainder to facilitate residential and agricultural uses.

The lands are located seven kilometers west of the Village of Hussar, immediately southeast of the intersection of Highway 561 and Range Road 210.

Lot 1 is developed with a farmstead, including a dwelling. Lot 2 is undeveloped and is used for agricultural purposes. No development or change of use is proposed.

It was recommended that the application be approved subject to conditions compliant with the municipal government act and county standards.

By John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published on Dec 21, 2023 at 14:55

This item reprinted with permission from   Strathmore Times   Strathmore, Alberta

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