The Wheatland County Municipal Planning Commission approved five development permit applications during the Dec. 12 meeting following respective presentations of the applications by county administration.

DP 2023-168 was with respect to a proposed entertainment venue for the purposes of hosting events such as weddings, meetings, and various events. 

Council previously approved land use redesignation for the assigned land parcel, located just over four kilometers south of Strathmore, and 1.61 kilometers west of Highway 817. 

The site is currently developed with a dwelling, detached garage, concrete pad and outdoor patio space already used for outdoor events and entertaining. 

Administration recommended the Municipal Planning Commission issue the development permit solely for the purpose of a venue for weddings and other special events, defining the site as an entertainment venue. 

No concerns were raised by adjacent land owners or other residents regarding the development permit application, following circulation of notice to the public. 

DP 2023-172 regarded the same location and facilities, with the application to facilitate a bed and breakfast within the existing five bedroom dwelling already constructed on site where the landowners reside.

Through the application, the landowners would be responsible for the management of the daily operations of the bed and breakfast with casual help hired as requested for some of the activities, as well as for landscaping duties. 

It was recommended to the Municipal Planning Commission that the application also be approved subject to several conditions outlined in the public meeting agenda.

DP 2023-169 refers to a plot located approximately one mile west of Namaka, and one mile north of Township Road 232. 

The application is to construct a new 1920 square foot dwelling, including an attached garage on the land parcel, on which there already exists a 1,733 square foot dwelling. 

The new structure, once completed, will be defined as the primary dwelling, and the existing structure will be assigned as an accessory, in order to be in compliance with land use bylaws for the plot. Utilizing this assignment, the application met all other requirements of the land use bylaw. 

It was recommended to the Municipal Planning Commission that the application be approved, subject to conditions, including that the new structure be defined as the primary residence on the property.

DP 2023-171 is for a facility to roast, package, and sell products such as grains, seeds, coffee, proteins, peanuts, and other nuts. 

The application suggests the expansion of existing operations at the facility, located 12 kilometers east of Hussar, allowing operators to import produce from other countries which would in turn be roasted, packaged and sold wholesale to stores for resale. 

The applicant received a permit for Agricultural Processing Minor in February, and now in order to accommodate the expansion, is required to be classified under Agricultural Processing Major. 

As an additional note, production, cultivation and processing of cannabis are not permitted under Agricultural Processing Major classifications. 

DP 2023-175 was to address non-compliant structures on subject lands outlined in the application. This plot is located 200 meters west of the community of Ardenode.

The proposal refers to three existing sheds which are currently noncompliant with the required setbacks outlined in the land use district for the plot and requested variance for the structures. 

In order to obtain a compliant status, land owners were required to either receive a permit allowing the variance, have the structures removed from the plot, or relocated.

Full information regarding the development permit applications is publicly available via the Municipal Planning Commission meeting agenda through the county website. Discussions surrounding the applications can be viewed on the county’s public YouTube channel.

By John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published on Dec 21, 2023 at 14:48

This item reprinted with permission from   Strathmore Times   Strathmore, Alberta

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