April 29, 2016 – Added some menu items. At present, although we accept advertising, Alberta Chat is at this time non-profit. This means contributors are currently unpaid.

Community forums – this will be a list of Alberta communities that have their own section on this site.  More information is coming on how to get your community its own section.

Submit Content – this will have a guide for sending Alberta Chat your writings and thoughts with the intent they be turned into formal pages on this site.  It is nice if submitted content overall attempts to be worthy of publication in any general interest media, from your local weekly newspaper to national press or television. Note – this is a moderated site.

Debates-For/Against – this is a more formal discussion, between two parties, of topics that by their nature are important, but may not be in the headlines of today’s media. An example would be, “Do we need an Alberta Heritage Trust Fund?” We accept ideas for topics. We also accept a “first” contribution for one side of the debate, simply to get it going if the contributor wants to take a side.

April 26, 2016 – Welcome to Alberta’s new discussion board. Here you will find topics of interest to all Albertans. Visitors and travellers to Alberta we hope will also find items they like. As well, observers of the many varied segments of our province, from politics to sports to entertainment and more we hope will find things of interest. For now, we are building out our board. Soon, you will be able to post and comment.