Big win for Scott Sinclair (in the recent Alberta election) and congratulations. Great job by him and his whole team.

Campaigning is a gruelling exercise and Danielle Larivee (NDP candidate and former MLA) was one that worked hard previously in this role and understood what the job needed.

We were very fortunate in this riding to have two people who were willing to do a great job at representing this area.

What’s obvious is that rural Alberta continues to not trust or believe in the NDP. But our two biggest cities that likely have more voters don’t want UCP either.

I hope both parties come out of this thinking they have some work to do. Neither one of them has a platform or strategy that works for most Albertans. We really need to keep an open mind. Start listening a little harder to all Albertans and finding some common ground. Spend more time working on building a better Alberta instead of just fighting with each other for another four years.

What Albertans really need is all of our government working hard for us and not just over half of it.

Maybe the biggest reason we can’t make any headway in Ottawa is we spend too much time fighting ourselves.

Economy has to be a fundamental priority of any government and we have to live within our means. As a business person I appreciate that the UCP understands this. However, as an Albertan and a father our education system and our healthcare system need more help than what they are getting.

I fear if we don’t start adding some support there, things are going to get worse. We can’t succeed as Albertans if these sectors are falling apart.

To all our teachers, our health care workers, emergency responders, to all the support workers and gov’t. staff that keep the wheels turning. We appreciate you. Hang in there.

Thanks to all those that put their name forward, all the volunteers who worked so hard in this election and to the Albertans that came out to vote and recognize the importance of getting involved.

Either way this is still an amazing place to live filled with some amazing people. Another great day to be an Albertan.

June 7, 2023 

by Tyler Warman, Business person and former mayor of Slave Lake, Alberta

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