Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Banished Lesser Slave Lake MLA Pat Rehn is back in as a serving MLA for the United Conservative Party government.

UCP caucus chair Nathan Neudorf made the announcement July 14.

The UCP says since his removal from caucus on Jan. 15, Rehn has worked tirelessly to rebuild trust with local families, businesses, elected officials and Indigenous leaders. As a result, the UCP was presented with letters of support – including from several municipalities and the Lesser Slave Lake Constituency Association – requesting Rehn be allowed to rejoin caucus.

The UCP voted July 14 to welcome back Rehn after considering this information.

“Pat has been doing an incredible amount of work to rebuild trust and get things done in his constituency. He has learned to apply the skills that made him so successful in business to his job as MLA, and he has reminded all of us why he was elected in the first place,” Neudorf says.

“As our government shifts focus to the economic recovery, Pat will be a strong asset, not only for his riding but for our entire United Conservative Caucus team.”

Rehn says he is eager to continue working hard for his riding, so his constituents benefit as much as possible from the economic recovery.

“The past six months have been eye-opening to me, as I worked to regain the trust and confidence of my constituents,” says Rehn.

“It was clear that I was not living up to expectations in representing Lesser Slave Lake, and for that I am sorry. I am humbled that people are willing to give me a second chance, and I will not let them down,” he adds.

“I am a conservative and I joined politics to the put the NDP’s devastating experiments out to pasture and to restore the Alberta Advantage for all. I thank my government colleagues and look forward to the days ahead,” he concludes.

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