Chris Clegg
South Peace News

A proposed development permit for a cardlock facility, convenience store and sanitary dump in the High Prairie’s west end has hit a snag.

However, High Prairie town council is quickly dealing with the matter.

The applicant applied for a permit May 14. On June 10, the Municipal Planning Commission approved the “discretionary use” of the facility.

However, the convenience store and sanitary dump are not included as discretionary uses in an industrial district.

“There is no provision to allow for a convenience store and dumping station in the Land-Use Bylaw,” CAO Brian Martinson told council at its meeting July 14.

As a result, council passed a motion to amend the Land-Use bylaw. They have advertised the bylaw for two weeks and will hold a public hearing Aug. 11 to give the public a chance to respond, for or against.

The proposed development would be located on 13.6 acres just south of Joe Quartly Trucking or just west of the Big Lakes County Operations Centre.

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