The Taber Public Library wasn’t so quiet last Wednesday as they held another round of their lunchtime Music and Munchies event. Along with showcasing local talent, this time around people were also able to get a sneak peek at some of the performances that were on display for the Cowboy Poetry and Western Music Round Up this past weekend as Shelley McGarry, Alvina Wall, Hank Wall, and even Taber’s own Mayor Andrew Prokop used this event for one last practice before the round up. 

“I moved to Taber just in the fall — this library is fantastic,” said McGarry as she shared her experience with Music and Munchies as well as the library events in general. “I just have to say that Dawn (Kondas), the programming that she puts on — for my daughter and I, it’s kind of like our second home. There’s just so many activities, a variety of things and I’ve come to the jams on the Saturday that Dawn and the library host. When Dawn mentioned that there was this Music  and Munchies happening, and she was letting people sign up, I really felt honoured to be able to come. When we came today, specifically as this group as opposed to just me coming with my guitar, it is because we are involved in the Cowboy Poetry. We did a bit of a rehearsal. I just can’t say enough about the programming that Dawn has put on here at the library. It’s been amazing.” 

McGarry then also went into details about why they used this event to practice. 

“We had one of our members for the group — for the Cowboy Poetry — had a sudden emergency with family and had to leave town,” said McGarry. “Of course, that makes a difference of what you’re going to do. The group of us — the mayor went to Hank and Alvina, we all communicated by phone, picked songs, you’re trying to find a key, and you’re trying to fit stuff in, because all the sudden it has to change. Today it was so amazing to have this opportunity because were able to practice, and we’ve never done the majority (of these songs).” 

Following this, McGarry shifted back to discussing how wonderful these  library events are.

“It’s a nice friendly environment here, but I came to the last Music and Munchies last month, and I think it was a really wonderful idea,” said McGarry. “I really hope it keeps going. I would encourage and have encouraged other people to come down. It’s a lovely thing, and then of course you’ll have people each month. (Dawn) will sign them up for jams. It’s just really nice relaxing
— there’s a lot of friendly faces here, and nice just to try some of your music rather than in your home with the four walls.” 

Prokop also provided his summary of why this group was meeting together to perform during Music and Munchies. 

“Basically this is just an additional rehearsal for the Cowboy Poetry and singing event,” said Prokop. “I’m a part of that helping them out with a set or two there. Doing some of the intro as well for the young injured fellow. That’s what the fundraiser is about. There’s going to be a good variety of poetry, as well as a variety of singing numbers going on. It’s going to be a fairly full day. There’s going to be a silent auction there also as part of the  fundraiser. Just a fun day had by all. They haven’t had a Cowboy Poetry and singing event for a number of years. This is kind of rekindling that.” 

Then Prokop also went into detail about how this entire thing is somewhat of a new, but familiar experience for him. 

“I’ve got a lot of music background, like instrumental, woodwind, and/or brass, or trumpet background,” said Prokop. “As far as any choir or singing really other than some karaoke events periodically I had some way back in grade school. Some participation in the grade school but beyond that, I don’t have any form of singing training. Like I said, musical background but more instrumental so this is a little bit new as far as getting into the singing side again. I forgot a bunch since then, of course, but it’s coming together I think overall, and I think we’ve harmonized reasonably well together, and hopefully will be a very good event. Everybody’s having fun with it. That’s what it’s all about and or support in the fundrais- ing portion of it this year. Trying to rekindle the old talent that’s out there. There’s a lot of great artists around.” 

By Ian Croft, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published on Mar 29, 2023

This item reprinted with permission from   The Taber Times   Taber, Alberta

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