During the April 19 regular meeting of council, the Town of Strathmore made some changes to their strategic plan, originally developed and released last year. 

Council previously met on Jan. 14 to review the plan, and at the time had requested what were described as minor wording revisions to their priorities. 

The Strategic Plan is produced at the start of each council’s term and is reviewed on an annual basis in order to change or refine the current council’s priorities.

“There was a slight wording change made to the financial sustainability and community development priorities, based on the feedback from the workshop,” said Town of Strathmore Chief Administrative Officer, Kevin Scoble. “Under financial sustainability, we have added user fees, and under intentional community development, we have changed ‘intra community’ to ‘inter community.’”

Scoble explained the remainder of the strategic plan remains unchanged, describing that council’s priorities remain affordable living, financial sustainability, intentional community development, climate resiliency, including environmental leadership, economic development, and community wellness.

Coun. Brent Wiley, though in support of a motion made by Coun. Denise Peterson to accept and adopt the revised strategic plan, made a comment regarding the document as it was presented. 

“Just like I said a year ago, there are items in here I would like to see less of, there are items in here I would like to see more of. I think, at the end of the day, a strategic plan has to be something that there is compromise on,” he said. 

Peterson’s motion was carried unanimously by council without further debate or discussion. 

The summary of council’s six priorities describes them as follows, with the addressed changes in wording affecting the notation on financial sustainability:

Affordable Living – Strathmore is an affordable community for residents and businesses enabling access to housing, services and supports. 

Financial Sustainability – Strathmore provides predictable and prudent tax rates and user fees that reduce overall town debt, build financial reserves, maintain existing assets, and plan for sustainable growth. 

Intentional Community Development – Strathmore creates communities for its residents and with its neighbours (Siksika, Wheatland County) and institutional partners, which promote sustainable and intra-dependent family-friendly spaces. 

Climate Resiliency Including Environmental Stewardship – Strathmore protects manages, and enhances its local environment, while preparing for future challenges due to climate change. 

Economic Development – Strathmore is well-positioned to encourage commercial, and industrial economic development with a focus on sustainable growth. 

Community Wellness – Strathmore values Community Wellness focused on the maintenance, protection and improvement of services that support optimum lifestyles.

A summary of the strategic plan, as well as the full document, were included in council’s agenda for the April 19 meeting and is available for public review.

By John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published on Apr 26, 2023

This item reprinted with permission from   Strathmore Times   Strathmore, Alberta

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