The Wellings of Stettler will now be four phases of rental units heard Stettler town council Feb. 7. ECA Review/SubmittedStu Salkeld, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Stettler town council approved an application to subdivide property for a major seniors development on the community’s west side after hearing the plan is undergoing some changes. The decision was made at the Feb. 7 regular meeting of council.

Councillors heard an application filed by Stantec Consulting on behalf of the Wellings of Stettler (Nautical Lands Group) to subdivide the property located at Lot 8, Block 2, Plan 2022777, also described as 7201 48th Ave. 

In the agenda memo it was stated the application was for phase 1 multi unit residential development – subdivision of the roadways for land title registration. The property is located adjacent to West Stettler Park, south of UFA.

Town of Stettler Planning and Operations Clerk Angela Stormoen presented the application.

 “The applicant has resubmitted their subdivision request to accommodate proposed changes to their phasing,” stated the agenda memo.

“The application presented is for phase 1 (49 units and clubhouse) of the development of the seniors residential development ‘Wellings of Stettler’ that will include multi-unit row housing developed in four phases with phase one consisting of a group use facility (clubhouse) and 49 dwelling units. 

“Attached is the proposed subdivision plan which identifies phasing plan and tentative subdivision plan. 

“The subdivision will not create individual lots for each unit but rather blocks that are separated by registered road right of ways. 

The model for Wellings developments is the seniors rental market, these units will not be individually for sale but rather for rent and therefore there is no requirement for individual land titles for each unit.”

Stormoen stated the property is currently zoned urban reserve, vacant and being used as hay land. The proposed change to multi unit residential zoning still fits within the area structure plan for that part of town.

She also noted a number of referral agencies were contacted about the subdivision and no serious concerns were received, just Telus which requested a utilities right of way and the town Public Works department voiced a concern with emergency access to phase 1, specifically turnaround points for emergency equipment. 

Such concerns, noted Stormoen, can be addressed in the development permit stage.

It was mentioned that a notice of the subdivision was provided to neighbours and no feedback was received.

Assistant Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Steven Gerlitz stated this application changed the number of phases in the community from three to four and town staff felt that was an important enough to require coming to council.

After reading the subdivision application Deputy Mayor Gord Lawlor, who was chairing the council meeting, said he liked the project. “I think this is going to bring good things to our community,” said Lawlor.

Maps presented at 2021 Town of Stettler council meetings showed three phases, but an updated map presented Feb. 7 showed four phases: the first immediately adjacent 70th Street, with the other three to the west.

During discussion councillors asked several questions related to the future development of the property. Stormoen responded there are no time limits on development of the different phases and no commitment to do more phases than they wish to do.

Councillors unanimously approved the subdivision application.

By Stu Salkeld, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published on Feb 16, 2023