Jasmine Vatamaniuck of Smith, who now goes by the stage name of Jasmine Frances, has just released another original song out into the big wide world. It’s called Now I Take My Coffee Black. It’s kind of a country song that she composed with one of her musical collaborators, Skyler Okemaysim.

“It’s different from any other recordings we’ve done before, with a different type of sound,” Jasmine says. “It definitely has a good hook, and everyone catches themselves singing it. It’s a sassy breakup song with all the liquor and coffee involved.”

Jasmine says she’s sent the song out into radioland, “and it’s been played in Quebec, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan so far! I did play at Big Vally Jamboree this year too!”

Jasmine describes herself as an 18-year-old, two-time country music award nominee.

“I have been playing a couple shows, my guitarist Adrien (Skarra) joined me in a performance at Ranchmans in Calgary, and I also spent roughly eight months on my new single.”

Okemaysim and Skarra helped with the recording of the song as well, with Skarra on drums and electric guitar and Okemaysim on bass and acoustic guitar, with help from Rick Boston on ‘accent’ guitar.

“I have a team behind me now, so we can make better music,” Jasmine says. “We also decided to send the song out to radio through Yangaroo, and so far it’s played in Manitoba, Quebec, and Saskatchewan!

“Next we plan to get a set list prepared for full band performances, and continue to work on original songs.”

Jasmine adds that Now I Take My Coffee Black is her first song to hit radio, “but won’t be the last.”  

Smith country singer Jasmine Vatamaniuk, aka Jasmine Frances.

by Joe McWilliams

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