Athletes from six northern Alberta community descended on Slave Lake on Oct. 14 to competed at AB Taekwondo’s Spar Fest.
AB Taekwondo, from Slave Lake, was joined by clubs from Athabasca, Grande Prairie, Mayerthorpe, Westlock, and Whitecourt.

Ava and Alexander Briones own AB Taekwondo in Slave Lake.

Ava says, “Spar Fest is always a great chance to meet new people and get to know our friends in the local martial arts community while also a great way to check out future possible competitive athletes. Competitors can get tournament experience in this event in a welcoming, less intimidating setting.”

A spar fest is like a mini-tournament.

“It is hoped that the Spar Fest would give the students more self-confidence so they can participate in the upcoming larger tournament,” adds Ava.

Each athlete competed in five 1 1/2 minute matches.

“You could noticed the subtle improvements from the first match and the last one – confidence, more techniques more points scored etc.” says Ava.

The event was for five year olds to adults.

Alex is a taekwondo master. He taught high performance training before the event.
The event was Oct. 14 in the St. Mary of the Lake Catholic School gym.

Isaac Rousselle blocks a kick from Akilan Reddy on Oct. 14 at AB Taekwondo’s Spar Fest at St. Mary of the Lake Catholic School in Slave Lake. Referee Antoinette Gonzales from Mayerthorpe Taekwondo Club makes sure all of the taekwondo rules are followed. Both athletes train at AB Taekwondo in Slave Lake.

Pearl Lorentzen

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