COLD LAKE – As the colder months set in, staying active can be challenging, especially for seniors. However, in Cold Lake, there is a community of seniors defying the winter blues by engaging in the fast-paced and social sport of pickleball.  

One of the players who engage is Bob Swain, a member of the Cold Lake Pickleball Club. He actively participates in the group games at the Energy Centre. 

On Friday, Swain reflected on his entry into the world of pickleball, explaining that he started playing just five years ago.  

“Five years ago in this drop-in centre, because the winters are very long, and it’s a great sport for all ages, and it’s fun to play.”  

Drawn to the desire to try something new during the winter, Swain stumbled upon the drop-in sessions, and he has not looked back. 

Pickleball provides a unique combination of physical exercise and social interaction.  

Swain enjoys the cardio workout the game offers, making it an ideal choice for seniors looking to stay active.  

“It gives you a low to medium cardio workout, which is the most beneficial part, plus you are a part of a social program,” he says.  

The game’s format often involves doubles play, fostering a sense of fellowship and social connection. 

Swain is quick to extend an invitation to others in the community, urging, “We want more people, come check it out, rackets are free with the Energy Centre’s drop-in fee, so just bring your running shoes and have some fun with your family or whoever else.” 

Swain explains the game’s court size, similar to badminton, suits seniors well, as it involves less running than tennis. 

“As you get older, you’re just not as fit as you used to be, so the area is far more conducive to the ball because you have far less to cover when the balls are coming across the net.” 

The Cold Lake Pickleball Club, established in 2013, is showing a consistent growth trajectory each passing year, as reported on the official Pickleball Canada website. Those interested on becoming part of the community can sign up by visiting the Pickleball Canada website.  

A $40 membership fee covers an entire year, granting individuals access to the club. 

Additionally, Swain mentions the Cold Lake Pickleball Club has about 70 to 80 members, and actively promotes a friendly learning environment.  

Swain assures potential players that they are a welcoming group.  

“We try and make a friendly environment for learning, and if they just tell us from the get-go they want to learn, we’ll give them as many lessons and have patience with them as much as we can.” 

By Chantel Downes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published on Feb 09, 2024 at 14:24

This item reprinted with permission from   Lakeland This Week   Bonnyville, Alberta

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