Chris Clegg
South Peace News

The High Prairie Regals have made their application to rejoin the North Peace Hockey League for the coming season.

The club met Sept. 18 and decided to proceed in organizing a team. The filed a letter of intent with NPHL president Jack McAvoy on Sept. 22.

“The High Prairie Regals are requesting to be added to the agenda for the fall league meeting on Sept. 27 in Fairview, wrote president Allan Lamouche.

The process to re-enter the league is simple. The Regals must convince the teams in good standing to accept their application by a simple majority vote. The vote may occur at the meeting or within one week of the meeting to give teams a chance to study the matter before voting.

The Regals joined the NPHL in 1957-58 and operated for 57 consecutive years before taking a leave of absence in 2014-15. The club also did not operate in 2016-17.

The team is still tied for the most NPHL league titles with 13 [tied with the Grimshaw Huskies] and they still hold the record for most regular season first place finishes with 16.


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