Please, bear with me! I have a point to make!

I can imagine some readers cringing at another article about Christmas, especially in November.

Gee whiz, December isn’t even here and the media is already writing about Christmas, even if it is weeks after decorations began springing up.

Celebrating Christmas (some may prefer the holiday season but I still like to call it Christmas!) in November is just a bit early. It will be six or seven weeks by the time Ukrainian Christmas officially ends the holiday season. It is a bit much.

Or is it?

I was driving to work last week and Christmas lights were going up in High Prairie. They were beautiful! Planning for the holiday season’s events is in full swing as we gear up to celebrate and party.

As chair of one of the events High Prairie holds each year, planning for my Christmas begins much earlier.

Like you, dear reader, I have read countless stories about Christmas and how one should celebrate. We are told we start too early, go too late, spend too much, forget about the ‘Reason for the Season’ and to donate, think of other less fortunate, etc., etc., etc.

Actually, who is anyone to tell anyone who to celebrate their Christmas? Isn’t celebrating the season a personal choice? How much do you want to go overboard in celebrating? Or just go about your daily business as if nothing is happening, if that is even possible.

I mean, if the neighbour wants to go hog wild setting up Christmas lights, let them!

If you want to keep the block in the dark, so be it!

If you want to celebrate in November, go ahead!

I mean, whatever turns your crank, go for it!

Is it really anyone’s business to tell anyone else how they should celebrate! I remember a Peanuts cartoon of Snoopy celebrating New Year’s on top of his doghouse with a mug of root beer days after Jan. 1. At least we think it was root beer! Anyway, Lucy was disgusted. Who cares? Snoopy was happy and that is all that counts, right?

The exploitation of Christmas by big business wanting to make a buck is so overwhelming in today’s world it is never too early to begin picking at the consumer’s wallet. The pressure to buy, buy, buy is so immense it must take tremendous resolve to not fall into their trap. In essence, this is someone telling you the best Christmas is to spend your way to happiness. We all know money can’t buy true happiness.

I often hear some people get so wrapped up in preparing and celebrating Christmas they do not get a chance to enjoy the holidays to the extent they should.

The holiday season is indeed stressful for many. Is weeks and weeks of preparation and shopping worth it for a few hours of enjoyment Dec. 24 and Dec. 25? To many it is!

As you prepare for Christmas this year, celebrate it on your own terms. Do not let anyone tell you the best way to celebrate. Most of us have been through this many times and know what makes us happy.

May we all be like Snoopy! No way he was going to let Lucy dictate how he should celebrate. He was perfectly happy in extending his celebration. Good for him!

May this be your best Christmas ever!

Commentary by Chris Clegg

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