I listen to satellite radio once in awhile.

I have vehicle subscriptions, and SiriusXM units in the garage and in the house, too.

Being a ‘news junkie’ the station tuned is almost always FoxNews. Not for nothing are shows like TheFive and Gutfeld the top-ranked, beating out CNN and MSNBC combined. CTVNews is often on at work so I get a dose of that also. CBC? I agree with Rex Murphy writing in the National Post. CBC is way too ‘preachy.’

I can handle middling amounts of propaganda. But a few years ago, there was so much I was making bets how long it would be before late night talk host Trevor Noah would make some kind of slimey crack about Donald Trump. Two minutes from the start of the show? Ninety seconds? It became not a matter of time. It was a matter of how many sentences. Usually one. Sometimes two.

Enough! I haven’t watched the guy since, and feel no loss.

When it comes to our Alberta radio stations, I either have Peace River or Camrose CFCW on. As most people know, most radio stations consider themselves entertainment and sometimes, just sometimes, a smattering of news.

For CFCW, weather, upcoming events, and Edmonton traffic reports are about as far as they venture into news. Peace River actually tries, even if it is a repeat of local print. Or voicing opinion that goes a bit beyond, “Ain’t those animals in Australia really weird?” type news.

It wasn’t that way last week. It has to be asked, what the heck was the guy thinking when he asked, “Are you supportive of small remote towns like High Prairie to bid on big promotions like KRAFT Hockeyville?”

Was that supposed to be a joke? It didn’t sound like ha ha to people who heard it. Like, does that mean Falher (which has entered in previous years) or Peace River or Slave Lake should not enter? Hey, Peace River. Are you remote? Small?

Years ago, the publisher of the Fairview Post newspaper wrote a real opinion piece. Some big cheese at the Grande Prairie daily newspaper took exception. He called out the Fairview publisher for being ‘parochial in the extreme.’ Then added another insult, saying the publisher came from such a small town he probably had to look up the meaning of ‘parochial.’

Of course, the publisher had a field day with that one.

More recently, in one of the annual Best Newspaper competitions held, this one being for all of Canada, a judger criticized a Maritime newspaper editor for daring, daring I tell you, to write an editorial blasting a political decision made in a nearby large city.

The judge was himself a city news hoity toity. Sheesh!

Maybe the judger is on the same high pony as the Peace radio potentate!

So us smalltown folks just don’t have the smarts to do or say much about anything? Including newspapers, reeves, chairs, chiefs, mayors, councils and coffee shop gabbers? That might sometimes indeed be true.

And – yes! – we sometimes don’t know a joke when we hear it. But we sure as heck know a donkey when it opens his mouth.

by Jeff Burgar

Original Published March 3, 2023

This item reprinted with permission from   South Peace News   High Prairie, Alberta

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