Keeping the cost of living low has always been a priority for Conservatives.

However, as the Liberals double-down on their tax increases, the cost of living continues to be a major concern for Canadians. Life costs more, work does not pay, and housing costs have doubled.

To top it all off, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s taxes and inflation continue to decrease the value of Canadians’ paycheques. His war on work means when you earn an extra buck, you lose as much as 80 cents to taxes and clawbacks. You make it! He takes it!

Today, young men are living in their parents’ basements. Parents are skipping meals to make ends meet, and seniors are choosing between buying groceries or paying the heating bill.

This is not how things used to be in our country. This is not the Canada that Canadians deserve.

There was a time in which working hard and being financially responsible meant Canadians earned enough to pay their bills and live a comfortable life.

Meanwhile, Trudeau’s taxes, red tape and gatekeepers push business, factories and resource jobs out of Canada and to hostile foreign dictatorships.

The Conservative Party of Canada and our leader, Pierre Poilievre, are ready to turn our country around and restore the hope that has been fading for so many.

The Common Sense Conservatives will bring home powerful paycheques:

  • We will cut income taxes and clawbacks that punish work so you keep more of each dollar earned;
  • We will remove gatekeepers so First Nations can earn paycheques, brilliant immigrant doctors and nurses can treat patients, and Canadians can build;
  • We will greenlight projects like pipelines, nuclear, hydro, and mining of battery-making materials;
  • We will remove red tape to bring home small businesses, factories, family farms, resources and technology;
  • We will turn dollars for dictators into paycheques for our people;
  • We will end both of Trudeau’s carbon taxes.

The Common Sense Conservatives led by Pierre Poilievre will bring it home for Canada where everyone who works hard can bring home a good living and a great life for their families.

Arnold Viersen, Member of Paliament, Peace River – Westlock

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