Richard Froese
South Peace News
An unusual odor in drinking water in High Prairie late last week caused some concern for residents.

People were being advised the water was still safe to consume, despite the odor.

“It’s still drinkable, it just smells,” says Terri Wiebe, acting CAO for the town.

People in some areas of town detected the unusual scent as early as Aug. 15, says Vern Walker, public works superintendent.

The issue started the same day when fire struck two businesses and extensive water was used by the High Prairie Volunteer Fire Department.

“That might be part of the cause, the big draw of water for the fires,” Walker says.

He says the smell was silt.

“It happens once in a while,” Walker says.

Crews worked hard on Aug. 18 to eliminate the odor, he says.

Some parts of the water line were being flushed to draw in new water to get rid of the silt and smell.