Chris Clegg
South Peace News

The Government of Alberta has plenty of masks to give away to Eastern Canada but not any for High Prairie firefighters.

It’s the message High Prairie town council heard at its April 14 meeting.

Fire chief Trevor Cisaroski informed council he was having trouble finding masks for the fire department. He said he found it odd he could not find any masks, especially after Premier Jason Kenney sent equipment to Eastern Canada just days earlier.

Cisaroski added he hoped to find some masks by the end of the week [April 17].

He did commend firefighter Edwina Ayles for providing the department with 30 masks.

Kenney announced April 14 that his government was ready to ship millions of pieces of personal protective equipment [PPE] to three provinces in need of supplies, including Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. Kenney cited there was “a sufficient supply to support health-care workers within Alberta”.

Ontario alone is receiving 250,000 N95 masks, 2.5 million procedural masks, 15 million gloves, 87,000 goggles and 50 ventilators.

Quebec gets 250,000 N95 masks, two million procedural masks and 15 million gloves.

The move was made without caution issued.

“If Alberta is able to share PPE, we’re not opposed to that, we do absolutely want to make sure that the personal protective equipment required in Alberta is not going to be depleted,” CUPE Alberta president Rory Gill said.

No mention was made regarding protection for first responders.

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