The following are select briefs from the M.D. of Taber Council meeting that took place on May 28, 2024.

Announcements and Recognition 

Council acknowledged all the W.R. Meyers’ graduates who recently graduated, congratulating them, their teachers, and their families for their accomplishments. 

Council stated that they look forward to the great things that the graduates will bring to the community. Council also acknowledged Chamberlain School’s recent graduation ceremony and not only offered congratulations to the graduates, but also wished them the best as they continued with their future endeavors. 

CAO Report Highlights 

Arlos Crofts, Chief Administrative Officer for the M.D. of Taber, presented his report to Council, highlighting that projects in progress include review of the Employee Handbook, which is continuing and ongoing with extra support provided by HR Services. 

Then, Crofts explained, the M.D.’s Operations Crews are in the field delivering Public Services with respect to road maintenance, weed spraying and gravel crushing is now underway. Administration, Crofts said, is also in the process of preparing the Property Tax notices along with notices regarding budget expenditures that will accompany those. 

Reeve Miyanaga made the comment that it was nice to see the Regional Community Standards Report included with the CAO Report along with a report regarding the Community Learning lunches that are being done through the Joint Economic Development Committee. Miyanaga expressed that she thought it provides some insight, as did the designated communities AIP report, which is for helping families who are immigrating to the community. 

Reeve Miyanaga Report Highlights 

Reeve Tamara Miyanaga presented her report to Council, stating that one area that she wanted to highlight was that in the latest round of funding, Taber and District Housing was not approved, but there will be another round of funding in the summer or early fall that they have been encouraged to apply for. The M.D. of Taber, Miyanaga said, is seeing great pressures on both the housing front and social housing. Reeve Miyanaga also commented that Bill 20 is very much on people’s minds, and everyone has heard much about it through RMA and Alberta Municipalities, and everyone will keep close watch on it as the government reviews it. 

Councilor Harris Report Highlights 

In his report to Council, Councillor Merrill Harris reported that final completion of the Horsefly Spillway Project is supposed to take place on June 30, 2024, and those involved in it are on track to getting that done. As far as moving forward with the next phases, Councillor Harris said, those involved with the project are working with CP Rail and Kansas City Rail on the design of the bridge that is going to be required to be built when the new culverts go underneath the rail track and the governance partnership agreement should be coming to Council most likely the first meeting in June for CAO Crofts’ approval. Councillor Harris stated that the project is an integral part of keeping the drainage committee alive and going and also expressed the hope that all partners involved in it sign on to not only the Horsefly Spillway Project, but also the other projects that are in the queue to solve the flooding in Southern Alberta. 

Councillor Turcato Report Highlights 

In his report to Council, Councillor John Turcato stated that TDCALA believes that they have found a new Executive Director, as the selected candidate has been offered said position and the organization is waiting to hear if the offer is accepted. Also, Councillor Turcato said, the Taber Chamber building will be starting construction this year, but they’ve run into a little bit of surveying that will need to be done first; they’ve decided to give between 50 and 100 feet of their lot to a developer who would like to have that excess land, so they’ll need to send it to Land Titles before they can start construction. 

Councillor Turcato also reported that the Annual General Meeting for SouthGrow is going to be held on the same evening as the M.D.’s 70th Anniversary celebration, so he might have to attend the celebration in Enchant and attend the AGM. 

Councillor Hildebrand Report 

In his report to Council, Councillor Brian Hildebrand touched upon a couple of points from the Highway 3 Twinning Development: the recruitment process for a new Director of Advancement has started that will be working to replace the current Director of Advancement, as she retires in August. Also, Councillor Hildebrand said, a groundbreaking ceremony should be taking place on the Taber to Burdett leg in the next little while. 

Upcoming Meetings and Events Highlights

Council discussed several upcoming meetings and events including Taber’s Table on July 19, 2024, in Downtown Taber, Taber’s 70th Anniversary celebrations on June 20th at the M.D. of Taber Campground and June 27th at the Enchant Campground. Councillor Turcato made a motion to receive the upcoming events and the motion was carried.

Bylaw No. 2005, Agricultural Service Board Bylaw 

Council discussed how the Agricultural Service Board presented Council with a Request for Decision regarding Bylaw No. 2005, Agricultural Service Board Bylaw. The request, Council stated, established that the Agricultural Service Board had previously indicated a need and desire to restructure the Board within the M.D. of Taber and develop a Bylaw for the establishment of an Agricultural Service Board with terms of membership. The draft Bylaw was presented to ASB and recommended to Council and from there, the Board provided feedback and requested amendments to be made to the draft Bylaw at the April 2 and May 6, 2024, Agricultural Service Board meetings. The first reading of Bylaw No. 2005, Agricultural Service Board Bylaw, Council said, was given at the May 14, 2024, Council meeting and Administration’s recommendation to Council is that Council give both second and third reading to Bylaw No. 2005, Agricultural Service Board Bylaw. A motion was made to give Bylaw No. 2005, Agricultural Service Board Bylaw second reading and the motion was carried, but a recommendation was made to wait for third reading until a more complete cohort of Council was available.

By Heather Cameron, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published on Jun 12, 2024 at 11:28

This item reprinted with permission from   The Taber Times   Taber, Alberta

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