Chris Clegg
South Peace News

A long-time Conservative who quit the UCP party executive late last year says Lesser Slave Lake MLA Pat Rehn and the party cannot recover from the recent controversy.

“No!” he emphatically replied to the question Jan. 9.

He adds the UCP’s only hope is a leadership review.

He says Kenney is not a leader although he first thought he was built in the Ralph Klein mode.

“We brought in Kenney, he talked like Klein,” says Boisson.

As for Rehn’s holiday to Mexico?

“Absolutely unacceptable.”

His performance as MLA?

“Every MLA should read the Magna Carta. . . .be the voice of your constituency.”

He adds you first represent your constituency, something Rehn has failed to so according to many local municipal governments.

“Kenney was supposed to bring in [MLA] recall,” says Boisson.

However, Albertans are still waiting.

A petition is calling for Rehn’s resignation.

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