This letter is written with gratitude and appreciation to our local EMS, High Prairie Hospital staff, STARS Air Ambulance, Royal Alex Hospital and Alberta Health Services (AHS) staff. We often hear stories of dissatisfaction with medical care in Alberta. This is my story of profound thanks for the care I received.

The morning of March 16, 2024 began as any other day, but very quickly changed when I suddenly developed severe pain in my stomach and collapsed. (What follows is partly a summary of what others told me as I was in and out of consciousness.)

An ambulance was called, and the EMS staff arrived in minutes. I was rushed to the HP Health Complex, where the staff on duty immediately recognized the seriousness of my condition. The availability of an on-site CT Scan and collaboration of a specialist who was connected via Facetime along with the HP doctors resulted in a diagnosis of a rare Splenic Artery Aneurysm. All the staff worked as a determined team to keep me alive. STARS Air Ambulance was contacted, and I was quickly flown to the Royal Alex Hospital, where a surgical team, waiting on the helipad, rushed me to surgery.

The following day, the surgeon met with me and my family. He first told us, “Everybody did everything right, and that is why you are alive today.” This comment will stay with me forever.

I am incredibly grateful to al the professionals and medical services available to assist.

Being a small rural hospital, I suspect the High Prairie Hospital would seldom see this type of rare medical event, however, the staff acted immediately to get testing done and, once they knew what was wrong, contacted a specialist to help them plan a course of action. I am told that every individual involved that day was incredibly focused on providing the best care possible. Under extremely critical circumstances, they performed their duties with expertise, quick thinking, and the utmost care.

I will never forget those wonderful people and will be forever grateful.

I needed their care on this day, but one day, it might be you or someone you love. I know that if that day comes, you will get the same incredible care I received.

by Lynn Panasiuk, High Prairie

June 3, 2024

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