I was pleasantly surprised to read your newspaper’s endorsement of the ABO Wind Smoky River turbine farm.

I’m guessing it’s a case of if you can’t beat ‘em, join, ‘em.

The world is changing quickly and in order for Canada to maintain its high standard of living we need industrial investment. Hospitals, schools and transportation infrastructure cost a lot of money.

Another idea is to manufacture building supplies like they do in Europe from straw. Ecococon is a company started in Lithuania that is building eco-friendly highly insulated modular homes designed with 3-D printing technology all over Europe.

The Australians and Durra Panel have been building with compressed straw for decades. Would it work in North America? Probably. I like the idea so much I met with the local MLA . . . he said, great idea but we’re not in the business of business.

The Alberta government has looked into the idea though. Back in 2020, a researcher with the Competitiveness and Market Analysis Section of the Economics and Competitiveness Branch authored a study entitled Straw Manufacturing in Alberta (available online). Also in 2020, the Western Producer reported that Great Plains MDF Production Inc. was opening a plant in central Alberta. I don’t think it’s gone ahead with the possible reason being that a continuous supply of straw was difficult to guarantee.

Could this be a fit for this region?

Kate Morrison, Peace River.