Trash left on the roads and in the ditches south of Enilda is causing a big headache for local residents.

Of course we have a problem with people dumping their garbage by the road! We had this problem before, and our solution was to have a dump in our area.

Our dump was closed with no regard to residents who do not have a vehicle. Who will now have to scramble to find someone willing to haul their garbage and that is if they can find someone willing to do that. They will have to take their garbage either to East Prairie or High Prairie. It is ridiculous to think of Grouard because of the mileage.

So you take our dump away without providing an alternative like garbage pickup once a week. You have left a lot of people hanging here and now we also have a litter problem to deal with.

A lot of people in this area used our dump because it was open all the time. Why could you not provide extra space for household [trash]?

Most people did not know that the dump was being closed until a couple of weeks before it was closed.

I know for one that calls were not answered. Nor were there return call backs to phone calls.

It is a shame that this problem was caused by not talking to residents who could have told you of the problems we are now having. How simple would that have been.

Doreen Lewis,

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