“I was elected in part because of my logging, sawmilling and crane experience that goes back decades in the riding of Lesser Slave Lake and Alberta. The previous NDP government crippled families and businesses in our region with higher taxes, increased red tape, and the imposition of a provincial carbon tax – the largest tax increase in Alberta history.  

Since being elected, I am proud to have helped eliminate the NDP carbon tax, cut a significant amount of red tape, and create a more competitive environment for business and industry. I was also proud to help secure provincial and federal stimulus funding for our municipalities, so they could build shovel-ready infrastructure and create good jobs right now for our people.   

Recently, I made some poor choices around travel, for which I have taken full responsibility. It’s disappointing to see some municipal officials seizing on this to try and sow political division at this difficult time.  

To be clear, I have residences in Slave Lake and Edmonton. I do not own any property in Texas whatsoever. Yes, I do continue to own businesses – businesses that are fully disclosed and compliant with Alberta’s Ethics Commissioner. And yes, I have needed to travel to Texas within the past year to address essential business matters. I, of course, complied with all health requirements when doing so.

It is the honour of a lifetime to represent a region I have lived and worked in since I bought my first quarter-section of trees and also my first sawmill in Wabasca using every penny I had in the bank. I will continue representing Lesser Slave Lake – the region I love and call home.”

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