Laverne Anderson opened Round Two Thrift Store Sept. 25 in High Prairie and invites everyone in to see what they have for sale.

The purpose of High Prairie newest store is to help customers who cannot afford to purchase expensive items.

And, as its creative name suggests, Round Two Thrift Store sells items that are on its ”second round”. It opened Sept. 25 across from the High Prairie Native Friendship Centre in downtown High Prairie.

Laverne Anderson owns the store and her husband, Justin Martin, helps operate it. Anderson says the need for such a store exists for low- and middle-income families who need certain merchandise but can’t afford to buy new or high-end.

“We try to help people,” says Anderson.

“Lots of people are happy we are not overpricing things.”

A walk into the store and the customer realizes it is indeed a thrift store. An assortment of clothes, footwear, ornaments, small appliances and more allow a customer to browse before choosing what they may need. One must really go and take a look for themselves – you just might be surprised at what you find.

Anderson says one of the most popular items is infant clothing.

“We have (clothing) for all ages and genders,” she says.

And, the furniture they do acquire tends to sell quickly. Appliances are checked carefully to ensure they are working properly before going on the shelf for resale.

Round Two started from rather humble beginning with Anderson never intending to open a store.

“My husband and I started buying storage units and had small yard sales,” says Anderson, adding the yard sales did well and were becoming very popular.

“People would drive by and ask if we had a sale today.”

It wasn’t long before she realized there was an opportunity to expand.; meanwhile, the purchasing of storage units continued. Each unit is selected carefully with the idea of resale in mind.

“People tell us what they want, then we buy the units we need,” says Anderson.

“We try to keep them (customers) happy while keeping our budget happy,” she laughs.

Currently, the couple operate the store. In the future, they plan to hire staff who will be friendly.

Round Two also accepts donations but they cannot accept toys, safety equipment or infant furniture.

Round Two will soon offer consignment if anyone is interested, after things settle down from the busy process of opening.

Round Two hours are Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. They are closed Sunday and holidays. You can call them at (780) 536-6857 and “like” them on Facebook.

by Chris Clegg