A young Gift Lake man will be spending another two months behind bars for his unlawful actions.
Corey Blaine Anderson, 36, was handed a global sentence of 145 days after pleading guilty in High Prairie Court of Justice Oct. 23 to assault and two counts of breach of release conditions.
Court heard Anderson assaulted a female in a domestic incident at a residence.
“He grabbed her behind her head with both hands and attempted to throw her to the ground,” Crown prosecutor Nuha Abunada told court.
The victim sustained no injuries.
Anderson’s lawyer, Derek Renzini, said his client is remorseful for his actions.
“He is accepting responsibility,” Renzini told court.
Anderson also breached orders that banned him from any contact with a named female and banned him from being at her residence.
Anderson was given credit of 87 days in custody in the Peace River Correctional Centre and has 58 days left to serve.

Matthew Coughlan, 39, of High Prairie, was sent to prison for 60 days after pleading guilty to possessing a weapon dangerous to the public and threats causing death or bodily harm.
Court heard Coughlan was walking in the middle of a road carrying a knife Sept. 22 when a motorist encountered him. The driver stopped and asked him why he was walking in the middle of the road. Coughlan then showed a knife and threatened the driver.
Crown prosecutor Nuha Abunada stated the threat in his submission.
He said “I’ll cut your head off!”
She noted it was an early guilty plea to Coughlan’s credit.
Coughlan is homeless and lives in a cardboard box in the bush, lawyer Harry Jong told court, adding he uses a knife to cut the cardboard.
“He just wasn’t happy with himself” at the time of the incident, Jong added.
Coughlan wants to move back to New Brunswick but he doesn’t have any money or his own transportation.
Coughlan was given credit for 47 days already served in Peace River Correctional Centre.

Shawn Robert Danner was sentenced to 60 days is jail after pleading guilty to resisting a peace officer but immediately released after being given for time already served.
Court heard Danner was involved in a high-risk take-down in a traffic stop by High Prairie RCMP when he resisted police, Crown prosecutor Nuha Abunada submitted. He refused several commands from officers during the incident.
Justice D.R. Shynkar agreed with a joint submission for sentencing from the Crown and Danner’s lawyer, Olubankole Kaffo.

Jordan Myles Auger was fined $200 after failing to comply with release conditions.
The charge arose after Auger breached a curfew order, Crown prosecutor Nuha Abunada said.
Anderson was not at home during a police check during the curfew at a Kinuso residence from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m.
“Mr. Anderson did not come to the door when police knocked,” the Crown said.
Police said his mother told them Auger was not home.
Justice D.R. Shynkar deemed his fine already paid by time already spent in custody.

Brayden Lee Belle rose, 29, of East Prairie, was sentenced to probation for 12 months after pleading guilty to trespassing at night and breach of probation.
Court heard Bellerose was in a residential backyard in the dark and reported to police, Crown prosecutor Nuha Abunada said.
Bellerose also failed to report for counselling and treatment as ordered.
“This is an early guilty plea,” the Crown noted.
Justice D.R. Shynkar suggested Bellerose needs to take treatment.
“Mr. Bellerose has to deal with addictions issues,” Justice Shynkar said.
Bellerose was remorseful.
“I am sorry for the what I’ve done,” he told court.
Bellerose’s lawyer, Derek Renzini, requested the accused be placed on probation rather than time in jail or a fine.
Court heard the trespassing was not planned.
“It was completely random,” Renzini said.
He added Bellerose’s family Bellerose supports him getting treatment.

Mackenzie Rae Giroux, 25, of Driftpile, was sentenced to probation for 12 months after pleading guilty to breach of probation.
The charge arose after Giroux failed to complete addictions treatment as required, Crown prosecutor Nuha Abunada told court.
“It’s an early guilty plea,” she noted.
Justice D.R. Shynkar ordered her to complete treatment by the end of the ninth month of her probation order.
“She still greatly needs treatment,” agreed her lawyer, Derek Renzini.
“She agrees she needs that,” he added.
Giroux’s family loves her and supports her getting treatment.

High Prairie court docket Oct. 23, 2023 Justice D.R. Shynkar