Viersen opposes proposed legislation

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

The ruling federal Liberals have misfired on recent firearms legislation, says the Peace River – Westlock MP.

Arnold Viersen says in a news release Feb. 23 that the proposed legislation [Bill C-21] will do very little to prevent criminals from committing crimes with firearms.

“This government should be investing in police anti-gang units instead of severely penalizing law-abiding Canadian firearms owners,” says Viersen.

He adds he will oppose every Liberal attempt to place additional regulatory burdens on law-biding gun owners. He has pointed out on numerous occasions the vast majority of gun crimes are committed by people who have illegally obtained those weapons.

“Instead of taking firearms away from law-abiding citizens, this government should be tabling legislation that will strengthen and protect Canada’s borders to stop illegal gun smuggling that supplies gangs in Canadian cities,” he says.

Current regulations ensure all legally owned firearms are accounted for at all times, yet the government’s new bill could allow warrantless searches and seizures of Canadian firearms.

It disturbs Viersen.

“The enjoyment of one’s property is a western democratic principle that this government is undermining. Why do the Liberals seem to be very suspicious of people who own and use firearms on a regular basis?”

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