A Recreation and Culture Strategy was given to the city’s Public & Protective Services Committee on Feb. 14.

The committee decided that updates were needed before it was brought to city council for adoption.

Mayor Jackie Clayton said the median household income and the median age needed to be updated.

“I really appreciate this report because the way it’s laid out, it maps a good direction not only for this council and administration but for future councils and administrations when we’re talking about geography, socio-economic (factors) and where our gaps are,” said coun. Chris Thiessen. 

He also noted updates were needed as the report did not list some upcoming major events the city is hosting, such as the upcoming Arctic Winter Games next year.

City administration will bring back the report with the requested revisions to a future committee meeting. 

“The strategy will provide elected officials with information needed for future decision-making while providing a starting point for administration to implement recommendations aimed at enhancing the state of recreation and culture,” said Stephanie Cajolais, city executive director for recreation and culture.

Community capacity, equitable opportunities, innovation, investment and community celebration were the themes found.

“These five themes will inform the direction and strategy of recreation and culture service delivery moving forward.”

The strategy has 12 objective strategy recommendations. 

Under community capacity, the objectives include supporting community groups to build organizational and leadership capacity, develop a renewed vision for arts and culture, and enhancing policies and procedures for the planning and delivery of recreation and culture services.

Equitable opportunities objectives include developing inclusive opportunities to support active and creative living for all ages and abilities, improving the geographic balance of recreation and culture facilities, and ensuring recreation and culture facilities represent and respect indigenous voices and culture. 

Enhancing data collection processes and improving the use of technology are the objectives of the innovation theme. 

High-quality, sustainable infrastructure that is efficient and effective while also enhancing policies and procedures to strengthen the planning and delivery of recreation and culture facilities are investment objectives. 

Community celebrations were the final theme. Those include supporting the hosting of sports, arts, and cultural events to realize economic and social benefits and enhancing communication efforts.

By Jesse Boily, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published on Feb 23, 2023

This item reprinted with permission from   Town & Country News   Beaverlodge, Alberta

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