Wild invasive pigs an ‘ecological train wreck’


Staff member
By Chelsea Kemp, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The Westman Naturalists hosted University of Saskatchewan Prof. Ryan Brook on Feb. 18 for a special Zoom talk about the potential environmental devastation posed by the spread of invasive wild pig species in Manitoba.
During the webinar, "Ecology of Invasive Wild Pigs on the Canadian Prairie," Brook provided insights into his research of tracking the rapid spread of invasive wild pigs in Spruce Woods and across Canada.
He described wild pigs as "highly invasive," free-ranging animals that include wild boar, hybrids or wild boar-domestic pigs, pot-bellied pigs and feral domestic pigs.
"There are no native pigs in Canada, so anything you see running around that looks like a pig and oinks like a pig is indeed introduced, and indeed invasive,...continued.

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