Wellness organization sets eyes on sober centre for Brandon


Staff member
By Chelsea Kemp, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The Community Wellness Collaborative is gaining momentum in Brandon and is ready to take on its first official project — establishing a “sobering centre” for the community.
Community Wellness Collaborative (CWC) chair Kim Longstreet said the sobering centre is building on the group’s goal of working collaboratively with stakeholders to create a healthier community. Collaborators of the CWC believe the intersectional challenges faced by the community will require innovative and transformative actions to complement existing services.
“When people think of wellness they think of health right away, but I like to remind people that wellness in a community means … how you treat your community as well,” Longstreet said. “We know this is the right way to go. Wellness is a term that everyone is using. We have to learn to treat people better and treat people properly. It doesn’t matter what [setting you’re in].”
The group recently completed its official terms of reference and is now working to establish a set of bylaws and hold an official election. The next step will be refining the vision for the sobering centre.
Longstreet said the CWC’s hope is that while people are at the centre, it could possibly play a role in helping them progress towards getting help and treatment by...continued

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