Unpleasant associations


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The question comes up from time to time whether Slave Lake’s name is detrimental. Followed closely by the suggestion the town would be better served by a new name – one without the harsh and negative connotations that go along with the term ‘slave.’

There’s no question ‘slave’ produces some bad vibes. Once you’re there, that stuff dissipates quickly and ceases to have any importance. But say somebody has a choice of which community to come to, and nothing else to go on. Would they choose Slave Lake over, say, Peace River? Maybe not.

Some people have reacted quite negatively to suggestions about changing Slave Lake’s name. But back in 1923 (if we have it right), the ‘town fathers’ thought differently. It was ‘Sawridge’ they didn’t like, and thought Slave Lake would be better for business. The business they had in mind was...continued

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