Restaurant lessens waste by feeding chickens


Staff member
By KENDALL KING, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Local restaurant staff are doing their part to reduce food waste and support agriculture by turning kitchen and table scraps into chicken feed.
Sou Boss, owner of Thai Orchid Room in Medicine Hat, proposed the idea after learning one of her employees, Chef Shelagh, lives on a homestead and owns more than 30 chickens, of differing varieties.
“We were working together and we started a conversation about how she has a farm and raises chickens,” Boss told the News. “I said ‘Oh, that’s awesome. What do the chickens eat?’ I was wondering because we don’t own a farm so (don’t) know.”
Shelagh explained her chickens usually eat store-bought feed, but also require fresh fruits and vegetables, among other foods, to maintain proper nutrition levels. In order to provide such nutrients, Shelagh often gives her chickens table scraps.
“It’s important they have a balanced diet...continued.

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