Region boasts $100 billion in hydrogen opportunities: expert


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By Jennifer Henderson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The Edmonton region is a future hotspot for the hydrogen economy thanks to expertise, motivated companies, and experience with similar technology, says a local expert.
The region is positioned well to benefit from the shift to hydrogen Mark Lea-Wilson, hydrogen hub lead from The Transition Accelerator, said during a webinar on Oct. 28, hosted by Edmonton Global on hydrogen in the region.
The Transition Accelerator is a Canadian charity that works to solve business and social challenges, including the transition to green energy.
“The Edmonton region has a real structural competitive advantage for producing the lowest-cost, lowest-carbon hydrogen in the world,” Lea-Wilson said.
But to take advantage of it, the region needs to construct a new value chain.
The region has set up working groups with organizations that intend to adopt to hydrogen, which is creating new market demand. So far, more than 100 organizations have helped support the value chain.
“We've identified investment requirements in the range of $10 billion to $12 billion out to 2032, and an investment gap in the $2-billion range. This is why looking at economic viability is important, as we're going to need to close these this economic gap as efficiently...continued.

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