Rally held to end COVID restrictions


Staff member
Despite being ticketed for contravening the Public Health Act, Benita Pedersen of Westlock is forging ahead with several more anti-COVID rallies.

One such rally was in Slave Lake on March 4. She had held one the day before in Whitecourt and was moving on later in the week to Peace River and Fort McMurray.

Judging by the turnout at the Slave Lake Visitor Information Centre March 4, Pedersen may be onto something. Local people pitched in by waving signs at passing motorists, joining Pedersen in some ‘rah, rah’ type of stuff and even taking a turn at the microphone.

Cutting through the hyperbole [there was plenty of it], the gist of the message could probably be summed up something like this: the severity of the pandemic does not justify the harsh measures imposed by government. So stop it and let us get on with our lives.

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