Opportunity to teach doesn't TikTok away from Brooks’ Safe Communities Committee


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By Anna Smith, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Brooks’ Safe Communities Committee and Community Policing Unit have seen great success on an unexpected worldwide scale, thanks to the use of social media platforms; in particular, TikTok.
While they are also active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the use of Tiktok has allowed them to reach a wider and younger audience, said Kendra Seiben, Safe Communities Facilitator.
“On our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages we have more of a local audience so that's definitely the social media that we use if we just want to reach our local area especially for events or just relevant local safety information,” said Seiben. “But that broader impact that we have is on TikTok, and only 70% of our followers are from Canada. The rest are from all over the world.”
The account boasts nearly 107,000 followers, with significant engagement both on posted videos and livestream events called TikTok Lives hosted through the app, with some videos having over a million views. Seiben considers this a great success.
“People are just genuinely interested and have questions, but they don't necessarily have an opportunity to speak to a police officer,” said Cpl. Josh Argue, Unit Lead for the Community Policing Unit. “Everyone says you know if you want to, you can just go down to your local detachment or police agency wherever you like, but no one really does that. This way, you're face to face, you have instant face time with a police officer or social worker when we do our lives, but you don't have to leave the comfort of wherever you are. So it's that it's taking that exact same concept of foot patrols, which is a very basic part of community policing and...continued

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