Labour market bounces back to pre-COVID levels


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By Morgan Sharp, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The Canadian workforce changed a lot in September, with a return to schools helping more parents, especially so-called “core age” women, take full-time work while trimming the participation of returning students.
For younger people who aren’t in school, meaning almost one-third of all 15- to 24-year-olds in Canada, there aren’t as many jobs of a certain kind available even as the overall job market looks almost like it did in February 2020.
“Just because employment has now returned to pre-pandemic levels does not mean that labour markets have recovered,” Nathan Janzen, a senior economist at RBC, wrote in a note that pointed out there are still some 200,000 fewer jobs in higher-contact service sectors since the pandemic and that government support is disappearing.
The Statistics Canada data released on Friday also showed jobs that don’t require post-secondary education were down 287,000 this September than two years prior.
This is a distinct divergence from the overall trend, which is that people in most situations and life stages are...continued

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