Immigration takes a back seat at Three Amigos summit


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By Isabel Inclan, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Though immigration is one of the issues being discussed at the North American Leaders’ Summit, the issue did not figure prominently despite the recognition of a regional refugee crisis fueled by insecurity, cartel wars and unemployment, according to some analysts.
The Summit, known popularly as the Three Amigos summit, is having Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, President of the United States Joe Biden, and President of Mexico Andres M. Lopez Obrador meeting in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 18 to revive the trilateral meeting, where the topic of immigration was last on their list of items to be discussed.
Carlo Dade is an honorary senior fellow of the School of International Development and Global Studies at the University of Ottawa. He says he doesn’t expect a lot of “substance” on the discussion of immigration beyond greater support to regional and international organizations, greater coordination on bi-lateral aid and government assistance programs, which is insufficient given the magnitude of the evolving refugee crisis in the Americas.
For him, the one-day trilateral agenda “is full with post-COVID recovery, supply chain resiliency, economic recovery and a new round of trade irritants.”
So, this “does not leave a lot of room for immigration.”
Nelson Wiseman, professor emeritus of political science at the University of Toronto, highlighted that this trilateral meeting is more a “photo opportunity for the three leaders,” and that the meeting will focus on trade, especially the U.S.’ Buy-American policy for the auto sector that will affect Canada and Mexico.

Immigration crisis

North America’s immigration crisis is happening on two fronts: on land, at the Mexico-U.S. border where thousands of migrants are currently stranded; and at sea, where the threat of a mass exodus is...continued.

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