How a failed seal hunt netted one aspiring author $80K


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By David Venn, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Looee Arreak went on a hunting trip in Pond Inlet about three years ago. She caught a seal, pulled it out of the hole in the ice and dragged it around, unsure of how to kill it.
She pulled it further away from the hole she had pulled it from, thinking it would lose its senses and perhaps die on the ice. Then she slipped and fell, and the seal scurried away.
“It knew right where it had to go,” Arreak said. “So I was running after the seal, and I tried to hook it, but I couldn’t.”
Arreak lost the seal that day but she gained inspiration for a novel that won her $80,000 and a writing residency through the 2021 Inuktuuqta! Inuktitut Writing Prize, funded by the Nunavut Tunngavik Foundation, a charity operated by Nunavut Tunngavik Inc., the organization responsible for ensuring Inuit benefit from the Nunavut Agreement...continued.

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