Fully staffed Mental Health team aides Prince Rupert RCMP


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By Norman Galimski, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The complete staffing of the Mental Health and Substance Use Program over the summer, in Prince Rupert, has allowed the team to provide more effective services to the community and the RCMP.
The city has hosted the Northern Health unit for approximately two years now, but has only recently expand into what it is now.
“We’ve had vacant positions. So the team is fully recruited now [and] we’ve been able to really hone in on this service in a more meaningful way,” Clare Hart, northwest director of special services in Northern Health, told The Northern View.
The team is made up of four people consisting of nursing substance-use clinicians and one social worker. The service is open to anyone need and is complexly voluntary.
“We really wanted to streamline access to health services for people who have been with mental health and substance use concerns,” Hart said.
One of the ways they have been able to hone their service is...continued

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