Film about pilot Wilfred ‘Wop’ May receives jury award at Edmonton International Film Festival


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By Scott McLean, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

A new film about the legacy of pilot Wilfred ‘Wop’ May has received the jury award for best documentary short film (Alberta) at the Edmonton International Film Festival (EIFF).
Blind Ambition: The Story of Wop May chronicles the life of one of Canada’s most celebrated pilots. May survived a dog fight with the notorious Red Baron during World War I and flew medicine to communities in northern Canada. May spent 1929 to 1935 running Commercial Airways out of Fort McMurray.
Originally the plan was to make a stop-motion animation short but based on conversations between co-director Frederick Kroetsch and the Alberta Aviation Museum the idea for the film was born.
Kroetsch’s co-director Tom Robinson said that the fact that May did a significant amount of flying after being blinded in one eye was one of the key elements to his story. May had been hit in the eye by a shard of steel while working on a lathe in Dayton, Ohio following WWI.
“He was a guy who was fading into history and we wanted to bring his memory back,” said Robinson.
“Not only was he a hero, but he was a hero who had to...continued

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