Feed shortage has producers scrambling


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By Jesse Boily, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

South Peace cattle ranchers will see some relief after a record-breaking summer of drought.
They can now apply for up to $200 per head after $340 million was allocated to the AgriRecovery program earlier this month in a partnership between the province and federal government.
Local La Glace rancher Andrea Conrad said this year has been stressful.
“We've probably sprouted a few gray hairs,” she said.
On her ranch -- Saddle Hills Cattle Company -- they grow their own feed. Like other producers across the province, 2021 yields are low.
“We only had a third of the crop that we would usually have.”
They have about 400 cow-calf pairs, and have had to wean the calves early this year due to the drought conditions.
The Conrads have relied partly on the kindness of neighbours and the community who have donated straw to help as they look to secure feed for their cattle over the winter.
“We can’t throw in the towel; this is our livelihood.”
Producers who have to spend more on feed as an extraordinary cost will be eligible for an additional $106 per head.
Conrad hopes that the additional funds will help cover the cost of feed that, due to drought conditions, have become expensive and hard to find.
“We can't go out and spend $130 on hay bales to feed the cows; it's just not realistic,” she said.
“I felt (the government)...continued

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