Equine therapy group hosts event specifically for seniors


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By KENDALL KING, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Broken Diamond Equine, a local organization which offers individuals the chance to interact with horses in a relaxed environment, held on Thursday its inaugural Super Star Series event, aimed at seniors 60 years of age and up.
Tarryn McNaughton, owner and an equine-assisted personal development coach, organized the event, which was sponsored by Medicine Hat Hearing Centre as a way for seniors to connect with horses and other participants.
“Having a program specifically for an older age group, where they can be around each other, it’s more easy going,” McNaughton told the News. “There’s no pressure or expectations about riding a horse.”
Thursday’s event focused on groundwork exercises, including learning about horse body language, how to communicate with a horse and how those communication skills can be applied to everyday life.
McNaughton says not only are horses gentle creatures by nature, they also provide...continued

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