Enjoying the ride from home


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By Jacob Miller, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

A new wheelchair bike that was acquired for the long term care centre in Shaunavon last year, continues to offer positive lifestyle benefits to its users.

The bike, which made its maiden voyage in late April of 2020, is being used to take residents of the facility out for a ride through community streets for some much needed fresh air and sunshine.

"It's awesome, we have a lot of fun with it," offered Peggy who was chauffeuring her mother Elizabeth, a resident at the long term care centre, on the bike through the streets of the community last week.

Peggy and Elizabeth, who are both cycling and outdoor enthusiasts, have enjoyed a number of excursions with the wheelchair bike this year while taking advantage of the extended balmy weather this fall.

Peggy had to complete a training course before being permitted to take her mom on the bike.

"Training is available and required to use the bike," explained long term care worker Pamela Bahnuick. "Once trained, long term care resident’s friends, family and our volunteers can...continued

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