Editorial – Apology required but unlikely


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Chris Clegg

The United Conservative Party owns an apology to Lesser Slave Lake constituency municipal governments.

In their July 14 news release announcing MLA Pat Rehn’s reinstatement to the party to media outlets in Alberta, they wrote letters of support for Rehn came from “several municipalities.”

The statement is false. No other way to put it. The Town of Slave Lake, Town of High Prairie, M.D. of Lesser Slave River, Big Lakes County and Northern Sunrise County, all deny they wrote letters of support.

“We stay out of it,” says M.D. of Lesser Slave River Reeve Murray Kerik.

“It’s an in-party thing.”

Kerik is 100 per cent right and for the UCP to give Albertans the illusion that area municipalities supported Rehn’s reinstatement is absolutely false, and totally misrepresents them.

After repeatedly pressing for an explanation, the UCP has since admitted no such letters of support exist.

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