Council feels pandemic rules are drain on business


Staff member
By Stu Salkeld, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Clive village council will send a letter to its MLA regarding COVID-19 pandemic rules and the negative effects the rules are having on local small business.
The decision was made at the Nov. 29 regular meeting fo council.
During Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Carla Kenney’s COVID update Coun. Tracy Hallman asked if there was anything the village council could do to change the negative effects pandemic rules are having on small businesses, especially in Clive.
Coun. Norma Penney added that the pandemic restrictions are also affecting the volunteer sector, as groups can’t sell food at some events which is affecting their ability to generate revenue.
Coun. Sarah Fahey stated she wanted more information about natural immunity to COVID and why it’s not talked about in the same way vaccines...continued.

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