Commentary – Busyness isn’t necessarily bad


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Pearl Lorentzen

Recently, I realized that my pat answer to the salutation, “How are you?” is “Busy, but good.”

I also realized that often I mean “busy, and good,” as I find a certain level of busyness fulfilling.

At other times, I mean “busy, but surviving” and sometimes what I really mean is “busy and stressed.”

Much of what I am busy with is fulfilling work, volunteering or hobbies. I enjoy all of these things, but I also need time to rest.

Words have power. I’ve realized that the part of the saying “busy, but good” which makes me feel like I’m surviving and not thriving is but. But makes busyness negative, when in actual fact some of the time, possibly 50 per cent or more, busyness is positive or at the worst neutral.

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