City unveils adult obstacle course at Alfred Jenkins Field House


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By Susan McNeil, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Whether residents want a mild fitness challenge or a difficult one, all will have their chance to get active in the spring with the opening of the Party City Outdoor Gym.
The gym is being billed as a one-of-a-kind facility and features circuit training and Fitcore Extreme Equipment.
“The equipment on the far side is for mere mortals like most of us,” said Bruce Vance with the City of Prince Albert, “and we have extreme equipment.”
The obstacle course, compared in style to the show American Ninja Warrior, has arrows marking the course from one challenge to the next.
The end is climbing a pole and ringing the bell on the top.
The gym is 7,000 square feet with a rubber safety turf surface can accommodate drops from up to 14 feet.
Sails overhead provide shade and for people not wanting to take on the obstacle challenge, more traditional equipment like a rowing station, cardio stepper, chest and back press and an elliptical are available.
“The idea when we built the Field House, which was 11 years ago, was to make it so this area adjacent to the hospital so you could come here and get fit so you don’t have to...continued.

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