Artists have a picnic painting pop-up tables


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By Hannah Scott, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The work of local artists adorns picnic tables around the city this summer as part of a Tourism Richmond pop-up project.

There are 31 tables in total, grouped in seven areas. Each area has at least one table painted by a local artist. At Britannia Shipyards, two tables are painted by Phoenix Art Workshop owner Mark Glavina and several of his youth students.

“We started about a month ago, with the youth trying to come up with a concept,” says Glavina. “But with school still in session, and me working more than full time, it was a bit hard to coordinate our times on such short notice.”

After two design planning meetings and three days of painting, Glavina put the final touches (and varnish) on the tables last week.

“One table represents the serenity of lying under a big old tree, the second sitting on (a) rock next to the river teeming with life,” he says. “The youth came up with the ideas, and I helped pare (them) down to something that we could paint within their individual skill set.”

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