Tumbler Ridge home to 112-million-year-old crocodile traces


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By Tom Summer, Local Journalism Initiative

Ancient crocodile swim traces found in Tumbler Ridge half a decade ago continue to contribute to global research of the reptiles, says paleontologist Dr. Charles Helm, who’s currently working on a research paper about the 'living fossil' species.
Helm is a founding member of the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation, contributing to numerous fossil discoveries in the area, from crocodile and dinosaur tracks, to fish fossils, marine reptile fossils, and more. The crocodile swim traces are believed to be 112 million years old.
“To me, these are the finest examples of that kind of crocodile swim trace that I’ve seen, and they’re very impressive,” said Helm. "Mostly they’re impressions of the claws or the tips of the toes, but there are two or three tail...continued.

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